The Ultimate Beer Road Trip Where You Can Visit USA’s Top Breweries in Only 20 Days (6 Pics)

On the top of that number of 3470 craft breweries, there are also about 1800 microbreweries in the country. Can you imagine all that nice-cold beer?! That is why you will visit only the best of the best and not waste any time on those bad ones, because who cares about them?!

The Best Breweries in the Country!

On this map, you will find the best breweries scattered across the 28 states. The entire map is based on the review made by the “RateBeer” website which annually publishes a list of the top 100 breweries in the world. And the best 79 breweries from that list are in the United States. To make that trip and to visit all those breweries, you will have to go through 40 states and travel over 12,000 miles.


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