Meet Gorgeous Asian Girls

One thing they definitely have going for them is that they generally follow the traits we consider to be feminine in the West. They tend to be smaller and have softer features do to bone structure. Most East Asian women are built smaller with finer bone structure, this gives them less hip and curve but in the face it makes for a fine boned, girlie look. the softer features just look younger, allowing for tighter appearing, smooth looking skin even as they age.

My wife and many other Asian women avoid the sun like vampires. They are very conscious of the potential for damage from UV exposure and they are typically also careful about dietary effects on their skin. Still many of them have a naturally warm skin tone, as if they laid out, but they don’t need to, thus they don’t have the damage, wrinkling, dryness etc. that normally goes along with it especially as they begin to age.

That hair… Asian women have gorgeous thick, shiny black hair. When its long and often it is, it is just amazing and really catches the eye.Fashion. Many Asian women are total slaves to fashion and culturally, appearances are very important so often you’ll see them being the best dressed person in any room. My wife dressed up like we are going out somewhere fancy just to go to company picnics and the like.

Exoticism, most non Californian, white guys just didn’t grow up around many Asians and thus they do stand out. When you are new to a group of people and dont have as much experience seeing them you don’t see as much diversity and you get a bit of that cross race effect thing where yes, they will all look a bit alike to you. But the side effect of this that those write ups about police line ups etc don’t talk about is that while you can differentiate the really beautiful ones and the hideously ugly ones, the… lets say 65% in the middle all sort of blend together and it gives the 4s and 5s a couple points on average making more of them look at least above average than should if you really spent lot of time around a larger population.

Now I am actually married to a seriously beautiful Chinese woman and I have found over my last few trips since Ive been with her that whereas I sort of thought there was a much higher per capita hotness ratio in China before, it now seems to have really dropped as I live with my wife every day and she has become the standard by which I judge attractiveness in Asian women. This is of course REALLY unfair to them though as she used to be a model and she is just flat out stunning and stands out in ANY group.

So I guess it comes down to certain features just happening to fall in line with our standard of beauty, physical fitness when it actually is somewhat rare in the West at this point, that hair.. and the fact that they stand out to your eye based on less contact and then the cross race effect, which is able to be more positive due to the fact that Asian women are a bit closer in appearance and don’t share the same negative social aspects of dating black women which are again unfair but they are there in much of Western society, at least in the US.


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