Weird Archive

She hears a rumor about a dog who cries up in the mountains at night

Trinity Smith and The Rumours Trinity Smith is a young amazing girl who is a darn

Disturbing Photos Of People Moments Before They Died

WWII veteran who passed away at the age of 99 In this picture before his demise

What Happened To The Titanic Survivors? (12 Pics)

More than 2,000 people boarded the ship and only about 700 lived to tell the story.

Weird Comparisons Of Who Wore It Better

Scooby do pa pa When your sharpie is better dressed up than your teacher.

Pics Bound To Entertain You No Matter What

When you have to be your own superheroine

15 Rare Scenes Where Royalty And High Officials Showed Their Human Side

At the point when the Queen Broke The Rule Amid the Millennium festivities, the Queen was

13 Awkwardly Shameful Photos You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Marry the rich guy, they said No one said he doesn’t know how to kiss.

83-Year-Old Man Finally Lets People In Nuclear Doomsday Bunker That He Built From 42 School Buses

In a world with expanded worldwide strain, the Doomsday Clock is nearer to midnight than any

Photos Taken a Second Before Someone’s Personal Tragedy

What A Selfie! Definitely not a good day for people in the background

Woman Dies After Being “Embalmed Alive” In Devastating Medical Blunder

To be completely honest, I’m terrified to go under the knife. It’s to the point that

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