8 Places No Human Has Ever Set Foot On Earth (8 Pics)

Siberian Sakha Republic

There may be human footprints on the moon, but making a single one in the Siberian Sakha Republic is a tall order. This is because this federal subject under Russia is covered in permafrost and has been for many years. What this means is that its round is frozen solid without much hope of thawing.

This particular area is larger than the country of Argentina and is only slightly small than India. It also comprises a whopping one-fifth of the total area of Russia itself. This is no mean feat, as Russia is the largest country in the whole world. Even so, the human population here is only around one million.

Even this number is only for certain places within Sakha, since the rest is beyond the Arctic Circle. Hence, much of the region is not explored by humans due to the unforgiving temperatures. These could plummet up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit, making human survival very difficult.

Sakha is also home to the Verkhoyansk Range, the chilliest place in the whole of the Northern Hemisphere. It’s not even possible to walk through such places, let alone explore them.

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